Kevin Samuels Cause Death

How did YouTuber Kevin Samuels die? New findings revealed

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Kevin Samuels Cause Death: Two months ago, Kevin Samuels, the controversial YouTuber, passed away at the age of 57. At the time of his death, the reasons were not clear. His fans were doubting some sort of foul play. But now, several new findings have started surfacing.

The results of autopsy reports have come up, and they show that Kevin died due to hypertension and that his death was natural. He was suffering from high BP, which developed into hypertension. The report also mentioned that Kevin was on medication for hypertension, and he used to take Atenolol.

On the 5th of May, Kevin was lying unresponsive on the floor at his residence. The Atlanta police received an emergency call and reached the location. They saw that a few people were trying to recover him with the help of CRR, but their efforts went in vain. There was a nurse named Ortencia Alcantara present at his home who identified the YouTuber. She also told the police that earlier, Kevin complained of chest pain and then suddenly collapsed.

On the 6th of May, Kevin’s mother confirmed the news of his death. When asked about the cause, she said that she did not have any details as she came to know about her son’s demise through social media only.

Kevin always remained in the limelight due to his controversial thoughts about dating. Before his death, he insulted a 35-year-old Black woman through a video. For this, he had to face huge criticism. He had the habit of making fun of overweight women.

Kevin had more than one million followers on Instagram, and under his description, he mentioned himself as an Image Consultant and influencer.

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