Heat Wave Uk Temperatures

Heat Wave continues in the UK, Rising temperatures shattering records


Heat Wave Uk Temperatures: No respite seems near from the heat wave in the UK as the continuously rising temperatures are shattering records.

These kinds of weather conditions are happening for the first time in the history of the UK and the country is going through such kind of heat wave. The temperatures in the UK are remaining more than 40°C (104°F) and are causing wildlife fires.

The heat wave and the rising temperatures are the cause of worry not only in the UK but across entire Europe. France is the worst affected. Eighty square miles forest of Gironde area got burnt, and as a result, a population of more than 37,000 had to vacate the area. The firefighters are doing their best to control the wildlife fires, but ever-changing windy conditions are hampering their operations.

Wildlife fire incidents also happened in Italy, Greece, and Spain. Even grass fire incidents have been reported in London. Several homes got burnt.

The people are suffering badly due to this heat wave and unbearable high temperatures and weather conditions. The heat wave has taken so many lives.

The temperatures are making new records daily and shattering the old ones. The UK has never seen a temperature greater than 100°F before 2003. But now, it has left the 100°F record way behind.

Due to this heat wave, the residents of nursing homes in the UK are very much worried as these homes are not well equipped to handle these temperatures. Special arrangements are needed to protect the old age people.

Network Rail has issued a warning for all the trains not to go through areas that have been marked as Red Zone by the Meteorological department. The red zone covers the area from London north to Manchester & York. The railway infrastructure has not been built to handle this much extreme weather. London Underground has also suspended its services for the time being.

For the people reeling under sweltering heat, there is some good news as well. According to weather forecasters, the intensity of the heat wave can reduce in the UK in the middle of the week, and the temperatures are likely to fall down below 80°F. There are also chances of showers.

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