Haverhill High School: Remaining Football Season Cancelled After Hazing Video


Cancellation of Remaining Football Season at Haverhill High School:

The administration of Haverhill High School has taken the decision to abruptly cancel the remaining football season after the surfacing of a video in which some members of the football team can be seen hazing a teenage boy. This decision came on Wednesday.

The Thanksgiving Day game against Lowell High School has also been forfeited. The administration has canceled even the practice games.

The mayor of the Massachusetts city has issued a statement in this regard.

The Hazing incident at Haverhill High School:

The video is of the locker room. It shows that three boys were dragging a teenager across the floor and the fourth one was twerking into that boy’s face. The teenager’s pants were also pulled down. One of the culprits was wearing the Haverhill High School t-shirt while the one, who was twerking, was wearing underwear. Reportedly, the victim is a freshman at the high school.

This is not the first hazing incident that has come to notice. Such kinds of incidents are on the rise. In certain cases, criminal charges were also framed against the abusers.

Action taken by Haverhill High School Authorities for Hazing Incident:

The school administration has also ensured that after the proper investigation is done into the matter, appropriate action will be taken against the team members for this kind of disgusting behavior. It is also possible that those boys will be removed from the team forever.

The members of the coaching staff of team have been sent on administrative leave until the investigation is over. The leave will be paid one. The matter is being investigated by Haverhill Police Department.

The next meeting of the Haverhill High School administration is scheduled for Thursday. It will be held at 7 p.m.

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