GentleMinions TikTok Trend: boys reaching cinemas wearing formals

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TikTok trends always remain in the news. Every now and then, users come up with a new trend. The latest among the flock is ‘GentleMinions TikTok Trend.’ The official TikTok account of ‘Minions’ has acknowledged the trend. This seems to be the strangest trend to date.

The animated movie ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru’ has been released in the cinemas. And because of the ‘GentleMinions TikTok Trend,’ the boys are reaching theatres to watch the movie wearing formal suits.

The trend is gaining popularity all across the countries, especially in the U.S.

Most of the theatres have banned young lot from entering who are coming in formals. They have put notices outside the entry gates prohibiting entry as these movie watchers are also showing rowdy behavior.

But Universal Pictures company has praised this trend and posted about it on their Twitter handle.

It seems that by going after the ‘GentleMinions TikTok Trend,’ the boys want to look like Gru. They are doing it just for the sake of fun.

Videos of the boys following the trend are going viral on social media. Memes with the hashtag #GentleMinions are also doing rounds over social media.

There is also news that apart from wearing formals for watching the movie, the viewers are creating a mess in the theatres as well. They keep on throwing bananas on the screens and making shrieking noises. The theatre employees have shared videos where they can be seen clearing the litter left behind.

The latest edition of the Miniions’ movie was made with a budget of $85 million and has already collected $221.6 million. The reason behind this success might be the ‘GentleMinions TikTok Trend.’ Time will tell how much this trend proves helpful for the popularity of the movie.

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