Fresh supply cut looming? Kremlin says Nord Stream 1 reliability is under threat


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Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Friday (September 2) that reliability of Russian Nord Stream 1 gas export pipeline was under threat. As reason, he said that only one turbine was operational at the key compressor station. This may send fresh jitters in Europe as the continent approaches winter months with possible energy shortage on the horizon.

Russia is a major natural gas provider of Europe and Nord Stream 1 is one of the major pipelines of supply. The pipeline runs on the bed of the Baltic Sea and goes to Germany.

Russia has been leveraging its position as major energy provider to Europe to gain political benefit especially over Ukraine conflict. The EU has imposed economic sanctions on Russia after it invaded Ukraine on February 24. Russia has been reducing gas supply to Europe to exert political pressure. This may make things hard in Europe especially in the winter months.

Gas supplies through Nord Stream 1, have dwindled to a fifth of normal capacity and were halted altogether on Wednesday for a three-day maintenance outage due to end on Saturday.

With winter around the corner, European consumers are bracing for huge power bills. Some countries like France have warned that rationing is a possibility.

The European Union is preparing to take emergency action to reform the electricity market in order to bring galloping prices under control, with energy ministers scheduled to hold extraordinary talks next week.

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