France cancels half its flights for Friday as traffic controllers plan to strike for higher wages

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Tuesday saw the announcement by France’s civil aviation authority that it has requested airlines cancel 50% of their flights for Friday due to planned air traffic controller strikes for greater pay. 

The SNCTA ( Syndicat majoritaire des contrôleurs aériens) union, the largest among controller unions, called for the strike, which the DGAC ( Direction générale de l’Aviation civile) authority said is expected to result in significant delays in mainland France and might affect flights to other parts of Europe. 

It claimed to be in talks with the manager of aviation traffic at Eurocontrol to suggest alternate routes for planes to use in order to avoid French airspace.

For its side, the SNCTA claimed that the strike was a reaction to high inflation, which is reducing its members’ purchasing power, and concerns over “future recruitments.” 

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The action is being taken as the French government gets ready to present its 2023 budget, which the union claims does not ensure the DGAC’s financial stability and may restrict its ability to give salary increases. 

The strike threat, which would also affect flights to the nation’s overseas territories, was not immediately addressed by Air France, the country’s leading airline.

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