Flooding in South Korea: Deadly Typhoon Hinnamnor Wreaks Havoc


Flooding South Korea: The Tuesday morning wreaked havoc on the citizens as the deadly typhoon Hinnamnor struck Geoje, South Korea, at 5 a.m. The typhoon caused 40 inches of rain and left South Korea flooding.

The wind speeds were measured at 89 mph (143 km/h). The power supply services were hit badly, and almost 89,000 people were left without electricity.

Till now, seven deaths have been reported in the area. Officials say that the death toll is expected to be low as they were prepared to handle the damage caused by the typhoon.

Damages were done by the storm causing flooding in South Korea. Some buildings were washed away. Apart from this, landslides happened, trees were broken, and powerlines were damaged.

Reportedly, seven persons went missing after the typhoon hit South Korea. Later on, one of them was recovered by the rescue teams.

A fire broke out at a POSCO steel plant in the area of Pohang. The plant suffered damage, but luckily, no casualties happened.

Before the storm struck South Korea, around 4500 citizens had to vacate their homes as per official orders. This step was taken to reduce the number of casualties. 3200 citizens later returned to their homes on Tuesday afternoon.

More than 600 schools either closed the classes for the day or switched to online mode of teaching.

The officials also ordered the grounding of flights, docking of ferry services, and removal of fishing boats from the sea. Many roads and bridges were also shut down temporarily.

As per records, Hinnamnor was one of the strongest typhoons that had ever hit South Korea.

Hinnamnor became active in August. But slowly, it lost its intensity as it hit South Korea on Tuesday. It also caused severe rains and gusty winds in parts of Japan earlier.

The search and rescue work is going on. The administration hopes to restore all the basic services and facilities soon.

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