Feel you are overworking yourself to death? This ‘coffin chair’ is the perfect find for you


The “final shift office chair,” a line of coffin-shaped office chairs created by a UK-based designer, is intended for people who work long hours at their computers. 

The chair is constructed in a manner resembling a casket and is inspired by coffin designs. While one wonders how it may perform with lumbar support, the Chairbox creator said that a study found that spending six to eight hours a day sitting increased the risk of passing away.

Humans weren’t made to spend eight hours a day sitting on seats, by design. Our bodies haven’t yet adjusted to the entire behavioural adjustment, according to Chairbox’s website.

“Exercising is still insufficient, even then. increaseitionally, legislation in the UK requires employers to offer standing desk solutions in their workplaces. Although there is awareness, it is insufficient.” 

Nevertheless, he continued, “The whole grind culture is just wrong, it feels to me like voluntary slavery,” as he spoke about propagating the “grind culture” idea. “We’ve been gaslit into thinking that this is life as it supposes to be. We sit in those coffins and generate value for the stakeholders, but once the time has come they nail the lid and roll us to the corporate cemetery,” he added.

When asked when the inspiration struck, Chairbox told Designboom that it did so as he was sitting on the couch with his legs propped up on the floor in his friend’s living room. He jokingly said, “I thought that if I die in this pose, they might have to bury me like that. It would be so inconvenient to put me in a coffin. They probably would need a special coffin in this case.”

“I told my friend about it, and we laughed, but after a couple of weeks, I returned to that idea and explored it a bit more. Later, I made a 3D model in CAD software, rendered it, and posted online,” he added.

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