Fact-checking of Thai cave rescue that saved ‘Thirteen Lives’

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Amazon Prime has released a new movie based on a Thai cave rescue titled ‘Thirteen Lives.’ As per the movie makers, the movie is made based on real-life events. The movie is released in theatres as well.

The Thai cave rescue movie ‘Thirteen Lives’ was directed by Ron Howard. The movie shows that 12 soccer players along with their coach got stranded in a cave in Thailand in 2018. Two divers from the UK saved them with the help of other international-level diving experts. The roles of the British divers have been played by the actors Colin Farrell and Viggo Mortensen.

Like every movie, even if it is based on real-life events, some drama has also been added to it. So let us find out the reality of the events shown in the movie.

The soccer team’s meditation scene in ‘Thirteen Lives’:

There is a scene in the movie ‘Thirteen Lives’ where you can see the coach and the players meditating.

The director of the movie says that in one place, the coach motivates the boys to meditate to remove every kind of fear from their minds. He tells them about Buddhist meditation.

Since the coach and the players got trapped for two weeks inside the Thai cave before the rescue mission saved them, the players started panicking, and the coach tried to remove their fears through meditation.

So Ron introduced a scene where the coach and the players are meditating inside the cave.

The good luck bracelets:

In one scene where the team of rescuers is preparing for the mission, the mother of a stranded boy gives rescuers a bag that is full of good luck bracelets having red beads. These bracelets were for the rescuers as well as for stranded persons. In the end, it is shown that these bracelets actually brought good luck, and the Thai cave rescue mission could save all thirteen lives.

The bracelets that have been used in the movie are the real ones and carry the blessings of a Buddhist monk.

Boys received ketamine injections:

Since the coach and the players remained stranded for quite a long time inside the Thai cave, the rescue mission divers had to give them injections of anesthesia so that they could be carried through the water. The stranded people were not left with much power to swim by themselves.

A cave diver, who was also an anesthetist, decided to administer ketamine injections to the coach and the players. Ketamine drug keeps a person in an unconscious state for 1 to 2 hours. The Thai cave rescue mission to save thirteen lives was almost a 6-hour-long journey, so ketamine injections had to be given several times during the journey.

Harry’s conversation with Chris about taking over the mission from him:

During the Thai cave rescue mission of saving thirteen lives, each diver is assigned the responsibility of saving a boy and taking him out of the cave. A diver named Chris seems unable to take the boy with him. A head diver, Rick, sees this and wants to hand over the responsibility to another diver Harry.

The movie shows a conversation going on between Chris and Harry. The writer of the movie Nicholson says that he does not know if the conversation actually happened or not in real life, but he made it up as he found it necessary.

The time before the cave again flooded:

The rescuers knew that it was monsoon time, and they had only three days at most to save. The movie shows that on the second day of the Thai cave rescue mission, the rain started, and due to the monsoon rain, the cave was again flooded. The farmers decided to flush out the water from the cave through bamboo pipes into their farms.

It happened in real. Almost 56 gallons of the water were flushed out of the cave, and it destroyed the farms. But later on, the government gave compensation to the farmers.

You can watch and enjoy the movie on Amazon Prime.

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