Explainer: What lies ahead for King Charles III after Queen Elizabeth II’s death


The death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96 was immediately followed by the announcement of her eldest son – Charles – succeeding her. King Charles III was the heir apparent since the age of three and a formal proclamation of his ascension will be made at a council at St James’ Palace.

However, a formal coronation may not feature in the immediate plans of the British royal family. In case of Queen Elizabeth II herself, it took around 16 months since she became queen to organise the event which was attended by major dignitaries and major leaders from all parts of the world.

The first thing that will happen after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II is the meeting of the privy council – the people advising monarchs on matters of the state. As per The Guardian, it generally comprises of mayors, House of Lords and high commissioners of Commonwealth nations.

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If the royal family decides to follow all of the old traditions, the first public announcement of King Charles III’s ascension will be made outdoors in the presence of the earl marshal and two serjeants-at-arms. Similar ceremonies will also take place at Edinburgh, York and the Windsor Palace.

King Charles III is expected to take an oath to preserve the Church of Scotland. He will also be making a similar oath regarding the Church of England but that takes place in the parliament.

The Guardian further reported that a carriage procession will be carried out after the official proclamation, and it will cover all major parts of London with troops standing on both sides.

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The three main sites that the procession will visit are – Royal Exchange, the statue of King Charles I which is considered to the centre of the city, and Chancery Lane. The procession is expected to pass through Temple Bar – the ancient entrance to the city – where he will meet the mayor of London.

On entering the city, the procession is also expected to be greeted with gun salutes from Hyde Park and the Tower of London.


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