Experts issue warning after TikTok’s latest ‘one chip challenge’ lands schoolkid in hospital with seizures


TikTok challenges are all the fad these days, and while they can be fun, and get you, followers, in many cases they have proven to be dangerous as well.

Recently, experts have warned against a newly viral TikTok challenge that is sending people to the hospital. The challenge is called “One Chip Challenge” and in it, participants endure a specific, “incredibly spicy” chip. 

After the challenge sent many people, including children, to the hospital in severe pain, health officials and medical experts have warned that the trend may be dangerous.

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States and school districts all around the nation United States have cautioned about the harmful “One Chip Challenge”. School districts including Georgia and Colorado have issued warnings to parents about the alarming trend after numerous pupils missed class as a result of the viral challenge.

Hospitalisations resulting from the chip challenge have already been reported in California, Alabama, and Texas. One Texas student even experienced a seizure and lost consciousness in class, reported KBTX.

Here’s a video showing the extreme discomfort people go through after consuming the chip:


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As per the Shade Room, the chip packs quite a punch and it has caused many challenge takers to land up in the hospital. The chip in question is the Carolina Reaper Chip by Paqui, a flavoured tortilla chip company, which has also put out the challenge.

“This year’s high voltage chip contains the super-charged Carolina Reaper Pepper and stinging Scorpion Pepper with a shocking twist, it’ll turn your tongue BLUE,” reads the Paqui website.

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The notorious chip is “hot as hell”. Carolina Reaper, which flavours the chip is long considered to be the hottest pepper in the world at 1,641,183 Scoville units.

Each chip must be consumed in its entirety, and participants are instructed to wait as long as they can before eating or drinking anything that might mellow the intense flavour. 

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