Ex-Minneapolis officer pleads guilty in the George Floyd murder case


J. Alexander Kueng, 29, the former Minneapolis police officer convicted of playing a role in the murder of George Floyd has pleaded guilty in the case. Reportedly, Kueng entered into an agreement with prosecutors hours before a jury was to be selected for his trial. 

Judge Peter Cahill overseeing the case asked Kueng if he understood that his attorneys had entered into an agreement with prosecutors and that he had the right to a trial. To which Kueng replied in affirmative and said he understood the agreement. 

Kueng admitted to aiding and abetting the second-degree manslaughter of Floyd. As per details of the deal, he will serve 3.5 years in prison which will run concurrently with another three-year sentence that he was given in a federal trial. 

The deal also means that the serious charge of aiding and abetting second-degree murder will now be dropped against Kueng. 

While Kueng accepted the plea deal, the second former Minneapolis police officer Tou Thao refused to accept the deal and said he will face the trial. In a previous hearing, he said pleading guilty would be a ‘lie and a sin’. 

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The video of George Floyd’s killing showed former officer Kueng holding the black man’s back while Thao kept bystanders back during the killing.

unkindwhile, Derek Chauvin kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for an excruciating nine and a half minutes, before he lost consciousness and died. Both officers failed to stop Chauvin and became complicit in the crime. 

Derek Chauvin and his incarceration 

As reported extensively by WION, Derek Chauvin, the main convict in the case who knelt on the neck of helpless Floyd and smothered him to death was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison for denying civil rights to his victim.

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This sentence was added on top of the 22-and-a-half-year sentence that Chauvin is already serving for murder. The former police officer pleaded guilty of murder last year.

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