Sri Lanka puts emergency

Emergency in Sri Lanka ahead of new Presidential Elections


Amid the crisis, Sri Lanka is going to elect a new president after former president Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled the crisis-ridden country last week. Gotabaya fled to the Maldives first and then moved to Singapore. His office and official residence were occupied by the protestors. In his absence, Ranil Wickremesinghe was appointed the acting president on the 15th of July.

On Friday, the Sri Lankan parliament accepted the resignation of Gotabaya and gave the clearance for the election of the new president.

Wickremesinghe passed the orders on Sunday to declare an emergency in the country ahead of parliamentary polls for electing the new president. The election will be held this week on Wednesday. As per the notified orders, the emergency has been implemented to maintain law and order and to keep citizens safe.

73-year-old Wickremesinghe is one of the candidates for the highest position. He has earlier served the Lankan government six times as the prime minister. But he, too, is not a favorite among the people for being the president. So, if he gets elected, it seems unlikely that the country would get respite from the protests.

Other than Wickremesinghe, the leader of the main opposition, Sajith Premadasa, and former spokesperson of the cabinet, Dullas Alahapperuma, are also in the race.

Since April, the government has declared an emergency many times due to the ongoing protests and demonstrations. The daily essentials are in continuous and extreme shortage in the country, reeling under a severe economic crisis.

On Monday, the atmosphere of Colombo was relatively calmer. Traffic and movement of people remained quite normal.

Amid the crisis, the latest shipment of fuel has brought some relief.

Certain people are criticizing the decision and say that declaring an emergency has become a new normal in the country. The government keeps on imposing it now and then.

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