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Elon Musk subpoenas Twitter whistleblower for info on spam, security 


Billionaire Elon Musk has subpoenaed a Twitter whistleblower to seek documents and communication about the social media giant’s spam and alleged security vulnerabilities. Musk is currently in a battle to end his agreement to buy.  

Musk sought information from whistleblower Peiter Zatko mostly about the way Twitter measures spam accounts. Musk has said he is walking away from the his deal for the company because Twitter misled him and regulators about the true number of spam or bot accounts on the microblogging platform.

However, Musk also sought documents and communications in relation to alleged attempts to hide security weaknesses and “Twitter’s engagement in any unlawful activity.”

There was no immediate reaction from Twitter.

A famed hacker widely known as “Mudge,” Zatko ended a stint as the head of Twitter’s security earlier this year, and said in his whistleblower complaint that became public last week that the company falsely claimed it had a solid security plan.

Last week, a Twitter attorney said at a hearing last week that Musk was focussing on spam as a way to end his agreement to buy the company and it was “legally irrelevant”.

The two sides have sued each other and are heading to a five-day trial on Oct. 17.

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