Dylan Rounds Updates: Parents Hoping For Safe Return of Utah Teen Dylan Rounds


Dylan Rounds Missing Utah: Utah’s Dylan Rounds’ parents are hoping for safe return of their son who went missing after Thursday, May 26, 2022. He was last seen in Montello, Nevada, while eating at the Saddle Sore Bar.

After two days, on Saturday, May 28, 2022, 19-year-old Dylan called his maternal grandmother and talked over the phone. Candice Cooley, Dylan’s mother, told that her mother said that Dylan had to hang up the call because it was raining and he needed to move his seed truck under the shed. Dylan is a farmer.

Since then, no one has ever heard from Dylan.

Dylan Rounds born and grew up in Idaho along with a younger brother and a sister. His father Justin Rounds told that when Dylan was about 4 years of age, he and his wife Candice divorced. After that the kids spent half of their time at Idaho Falls, where Justin lives, and half at Twin Falls, where Candice lives.

He also said that he and Dylan used to talk about farming. Dylan learnt how to drive a tractor before the age when most of the kids learn to ride a bike.

In 2019, 16-year-old Dylan owned a farm of his own in Lucin, Utah which is located right on the border between Utah and Nevada. Justin said that his father, Dylan’s grandfather, bought the land along with Dylan. During day time he cultivated the crops and during nights he lived alone in a camper which was situated on the property.

While the farm was Dylan’s top most priority, he would often come back to Idaho and stay with either of his parents due to lack of running water in his camper.

On 26th May, Dylan was not going to visit either of his parents, but he spoke with both of them over the phone and looked quite excited as he was going to get his first crop this year. He talked to his father that day about various kinds of tractors he was running.

On 30th May, Candice said that she received an alarming call from Dylan’s best friend J.D. Wilde. J.D. told her that no one had seen and heard from Dylan since Saturday. She found it quite unusual as he never remained out of touch for so long.

Candice, later that day, filed Dylan’s missing report and they immediately started the search. During the first hour of search, his boots were found on his property behind a pile of dirt. It was not normal as his parents said that he never went for walking in the desert without his boots.

Candice told East Idaho News that detectives detected a spot of blood on Dylan’s boots and the boots would be sent to lab for testing. The boots are under police’s custody as they are using them for looking for Dylan with the help of sniffer dogs.

Dylan’s phone and wallet are reportedly missing. Everything else on the farm seems normal apart from Dylan’s Ford pick up truck. It looks like that the truck had been pressure washed and its seats had been moved.

Also the truck was in four-wheel drive, but this was that feature of the truck that had some problem and was not working and everyone in the family knew about this problem. Even there was no mud on truck’s tyres and there were no tracks despite heavy rain.

The Box Elder County Sheriff’s office is doing investigation in Dylan’s sudden disappearance. They also posted about this case on their Facebook page. But Candice is not happy the way investigation is going on.

Since Dylan’s farm is located on the Utah-Nevada border, the Elko Police Department of Nevada is also helping with the search. The Elko County Sheriff’s Office also posted a press release on June 9th, 2022 in this regard.

A public Facebook group “Find Dylan Rounds” is also being run by Dylan’s mother to share updates of the search and Dylan’s photos. But she said that no fund raiser has been started as of now.

The family has offered a $20,000 reward for providing any information regarding Dylan’s whereabouts. The description given by them mentions that Dylan is of 19 years with 5’11” height, and 160 lbs. weight. He supports dark brown eyes and his hair are of brown color. He typically wears jeans of blue color, a flannel shirt, and a ball cap.

Anyone having information about Dylan Rounds can contact the Box Elder County Sheriff’s office at 435-734-3800.

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