Dubai’s ‘Hypertower’ 100-storey all set to be hailed as world’s tallest residential building 


A new skyscraper in Dubai is all set to be hailed as the world’s tallest residential building. The developers claim that this ‘hypertower’ will be taller than Manhattan’s 72-meter skyscraper. 

The structure, known as “Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences,” is the result of a partnership between Emirati real estate developer Binghatti and watchmaker Jacob & Co. On Tuesday (Nov 22), both companies unveiled the designs of the structure stating that the project’s goal is to determine “to break records as one of the tallest residential constructions in the world.” 

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A New York Post reported that the skyscraper will have 100 storeys, twice more than the existing record-holder, Central Park Tower on 57th Street in Manhattan. 

As per the sources, the skyscraper will also feature an “elite private club” with an infinity pool and a spacious lounge space. The Bingahtti Developers described the project as a “true work of art that is set to redefine the entire history of the real estate industry and bring a new icon to Dubai’s skyline.”

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The structure will be situated in the centre of Dubai’s business sector, Business Bay. The developers told the publication that five “most luxurious and exclusive” penthouses will be built on the top floor. 

As per a Facebook post by Binghatti, nearly 12,000 guests from all over the world visited the Burj Bingatti Jacob & Co Residence’s recent unveiling. 

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