Dreamworld, the new Coca-Cola Flavor!!

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The all-time favorite coke company keeps on launching new and delicious flavors. It never lags behind in the race of competition. Once again, it is going for one more new flavor.

Dreamworld is the new Coca-Cola flavor that the company is going to launch on the 15th of August. This will be the 4th one and final flavor of the “Creations” series. The flavors, which are launched under the Creations series, are limited edition flavors.

Everyone is curious about the taste of Dreamworld flavor. As per the company, Dreamworld will have a technicolor taste with the magic of subconsciousness. Drinking it will be like dreaming with open eyes.

The previous flavor in the Creations series was Starlight. While Starlight was related to escapism, Dreamworld, the new Coca-Cola flavor, is all about the thoughts within the mind.

In the Creation series, coke earlier came up with the “Byte” flavor. This was related to the gaming experience. But it did not go well with the customers. Some called its taste similar to that of some cough syrup.

Buyers of Dreamworld will also be able to view and enjoy a digital fashion collection inspired by Dreamworld on metaverse. The collection has been created with the help of DRESSX. The DRESSX brand creates virtual dresses for avatars using Blender software. Coca-Cola has created a beautiful musical with Tomorrowland. You can experience this music in augmented reality.

The Coca-Cola flavor Dreamworld will be available with regular sugar and no sugar options in bottles and cans. On the containers, there will be QR codes that you can use to scan and enter into the world of the metaverse. Where you will be to enjoy the music played by virtual DJs, play online games, and try online clothes.

Dreamworld by Coca-Cola will be a limited-time flavor. Go and grab your dream as soon as it is launched and have a taste of dreams.

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