Dream’s Face Reveal on YouTube

Dream’s Face Reveal on YouTube: The Mask will be off Soon!!


The fans of the Minecraft creator ‘Dream’ will soon be able to see the face of their favorite YouTuber. Gaming freaks love his Minecraft content.

Dream’s Face Reveal on YouTube: Who is behind the mask?

Dream started to upload videos on YouTube in 2019 related to Minecraft but always remained faceless. But now, Dream is going to have a face reveal quite soon.

The 23-year-old YouTuber from the US earlier announced to come out of his mask before COVID-19 happened. But the timing kept on changing. Now once again, he has announced his face reveal decision. It was never his plan to remain faceless forever.

It is expected that the fans will be able to see Dream’s face reveal in his next video.

“My next upload will be me face revealing,” Dream mentioned on the page of his YouTube community on the 19th of September.

He also shared a picture of him on the Snapchat story where we could see his hair and t-shirt but not his face. In the picture, he was sitting on a chair, and it seemed that he was editing the video of his face reveal. Of course, his face was not visible in the photo.

Dream’s Face Reveal and his Friend George:

In the post, he also mentioned that his friend George is coming to America. It is possible that Dream will reveal his face when he is accompanied by his friend.

It is possible that the Dream’s face reveal will occur between 23rd September and ending of October as this is the time frame within which George would be able to move to the US.

After Dream’s face reveal on YouTube, his fans may see some changes in the content. It is also possible that even after his face reveal, he would do most of the videos being faceless as he thinks that this is the most important aspect of his videos.

Only time will tell when Dream’s face reveal on YouTube will happen. But fans are definitely waiting eagerly to see their star.

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