Denver Fire Department Suspends Fire Lt., Declared an Alive Woman Dead


Denver Fire Department has suspended and demoted a fire lieutenant as he declared an alive woman dead by mistake. Another firefighter has also been suspended in the same case.

This incident happened this year in the month of June. The suspended and demoted fire lieutenant Patrick Lopez.

According to the disciplinary report filed by the Denver Fire Department team, a team of two firefighters was sent on 24th June to check the well-being of a woman who had not been heard from for five days. A police officer noted down the condition of the woman as described by the fire Lieutenant.

Patrick did not go inside to check the condition of the woman’s health personally. Instead, he dialed the number of a doctor at Denver Health Medical Center Emergency Department and handed over the phone to his fellow firefighter Marshall Henry. Henry had also not seen the woman.

He gave answers to the doctor’s questions without doing any kind of physical examination of the woman. Ultimately doctor declared the woman dead on the basis of information he received from the firefighters.

The police officer noted all this as it is and went inside to see the condition of the woman and found that the woman was very much alive.

This was a case of sheer negligence and the fire department took action on it. The officials suspended and demoted Patrick from lieutenant to firefighter while the firefighter Henry was suspended. Patrick has been suspended for 14 days and Henry for 10 days. None of them will get paid during the suspension period.

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