Cuba legalises same-sex marriages in landmark referendum after citizens approve new family code 


The National Electoral Council of Cuba declared same-sex marriages as legal after citizens approved a new family law that boosts the rights of minorities. As per the electoral, 74.1 per cent of people turned out to vote in Sunday’s referendum.

On Monday, 94 per cent of the votes were tallied in which over three million people voted in favour, with disapproval standing at a little over a million votes.

The family code, provides great security for women, children, and elderly people, while also permitting marriage and adoption for LGBTQ couples. 

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People in Cuba, the communist-run island, experienced discrimination for many years. One such instance that counts is after Fidel Castro came to power in the early 1960s, during which many LGBTQ people were sent to government camps along with political dissidents. However, Castro’s daughter, Mariela, has publicly advocated for the rights of gays, lesbians, and others, CNN reported.

Despite the fact that homosexuality was made legal in Cuba in 1979, many gay men and women claimed that they were several times subjected to outright discrimination.

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Outside and within the Cuban government, the community for their rights faced stiff opposition. Due to concerns that homophobic backlash might reduce voter turnout for the referendum, Cuban legislators in 2018 abandoned provisions that would have legalised same-sex marriages.

Cuba’s expanding population has actively been arguing against implementing the family code. The Cuban government, however, made a full court ouch in support of this new family code, arguing that the new code is an example to show the island’s revolution and its ability to adapt with time.

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