COVID-19: Chengdu extends its lockdown as virus spreads 

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Yet another city in China has extended its lockdown. Chengdu’s extended its lockdown in the majority of districts on Thursday, in an effort to stop the spread of the COVID-19 cases in the 21.2 million populous capital. 

Local authorities reported 116 new Covid cases, down from 121 the day before. Among the recorded cases, 57 had symptoms and 59 did not, Reuters reported. 

As instances increased in various districts last week, the city was shut down, allowing the authorities to finish another round of mass testing. 

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As per Chengdu’s authorities, the lockdown was anticipated to be lifted on Wednesday (September 7), but local government officials stated extreme caution, stating that the threat of social spread still exists.

Not specifying when the lockdown will be lifted, the authorities in the southwestern Chinese province announced late on Wednesday that residents will undergo daily covid tests. 

On September 9 and 11, a number of district residents who were let out of a complete lockdown would take part in massive Cocid testing.

Last week, the Shuangliu Airport in Chengdu had to cancel nearly 90 per cent of the scheduled flights. 

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China, this year has been fighting to suppress the extremely contagious Omircorn Variant, placing cities under varying levels of lockdown to halt its spread. 

Shanghai, one of the well-known cities to be impacted by China’s “dynamic zero-Covid policy” aiming to eradicate infections, was shut down for two months in April and May in 2022. 

The Covid restrictions, which are keeping tens of millions of people under lockdown, were expanded by authorities advising residents to avoid unnecessary trips for the impending holiday long weekend. 

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