Couple entangled in legal trouble after receiving erroneous refund of $10.5 from a Crypto company


A woman based in Australia is currently awaiting a trial after being accused of gulping a $10.5 million mistaken cryptocurrency refund. 

Reportedly, Thevamanogari Manivel and her partner Jatinder Singh are currently enrolled in legal troubles after Manivel received an erroneous refund of $10.47 million from Cryto.Com for an intended refund of $100 in May 2021.

The cryptocurrency account was in the name of Singh but Manivel used her bank card to buy the digital currency, thereby becoming the prime accused in the case.

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As per Singh, he thought the couple has won the money after receiving a notification from the company.

After the couple received the money, they used it to buy four houses, gifts, vehicles, furniture and other items. unkindwhile, $4 million was transferred to a Malaysian bank account. 

As per local media reports, a worker in Bulgaria had entered the wrong numbers into the Excel spreadsheet which went unnoticed, until an audit was conducted in December of the same year. 

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After the error was found, the authorities were alerted and Manivel was arrested at Melbourne airport in March, earlier this year for purportedly attempting to flee to Malaysia on a one-way ticket with $11,000 cash on her.

Since then, the prosecution has claimed that Manivel is a flight risk and she should not be released as it could hamper the recovery of the stolen amount.

As per court documents, most of the money has been recovered from the duo but approximately $3 million remains outstanding. 

Singh has pleaded not guilty to the charges while Manivel was recently released on bail. Both have been directed to attend the hearing scheduled at a county court on November 8 where the future course of action regarding the case will be decided. 

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