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Comedian Teddy Ray Found Dead in Swimming Pool

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Teddy Ray Death: The 32-year-old famous comedian was found dead last week in the swimming pool. His dead body was located by a maintenance man. Comedian Teddy Ray’s cause of death is determined to be by drowning.

Last Friday, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office received a call at 10:00 a.m. The call was made to them by a maintenance man from a house in Rancho Mirage, California. On the call, the man told the police that he had found a body in the swimming pool.

The police immediately reached the location and found comedian Teddy Ray’s body floating in the pool water. There were no indications of any mischief done to the late comedian. It was clear that he died due to drowning.

Even though Teddy Ray’s cause of death has been determined as drowning, any official declaration will be made only after the autopsy reports.

Police are also looking for the details of the owner of the residence where the body of Teddy Ray was found. The residence is in the area located near Palm Springs. It is a desert area. Ray himself lived in Gardena, California. The distance between Ray’s house and the house where the body was located is approximately 125 miles.

Comedian Teddy Ray’s real name was Theadore Brown. He was born in 1990 in Los Angles. He was very much popular due to his comedy shows on HBO and MTV. He also did shows for ‘All Def Digital,’ which is a YouTube channel.

He joined the showbiz in 2011. He was a quick-witted person with superb timing. He also had the ability to make people laugh with his unscripted performances. Recently, Ray finished the filming of the show ‘Scroll Wheel of Time.’ His last appearance was with Sam Jay for the HBO series titled ‘Pause.’

Netizens and personalities of the comedian community are remembering the beloved performer through their tweets. Comedy Central has also paid tribute to the departed soul through a tweet.

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