‘Choice of a real man’: Russia attracts volunteer soldiers with mobile trucks, incentives


Russian army is using mobile recruiting trucks to attract volunteers who’ll become contract soldiers in the country’s war effort in Ukraine. An incentive of USD 3000 a month is also being offered to these volunteers.

A special unit stationed one such truck in a central park in the southern Russian city of Rostov on Saturday and removed the sides to reveal a mobile office.

Soldiers in camouflage and black masks showed their guns to interested passersby and handed out colour brochures titled “Military service on a contract – the choice of a real man.”

Neither Russia nor Ukraine have disclosed their losses in the ongoing military conflict. Experts believe that number of of soldiers killed on both sides is at tens of thousands.

Kremlin said last week that there wasn’t any discussion of nationwide mobilisation to help forces in Ukraine.

However, these mobile trucks for recruitment are being perceived to be a sign of need for more soldiers. 

Reuters said that officer in charge of Rostov truck said Russians and even foreigners between the ages 18 and 60 with at least high school education were eligible to join.

“Patriotically-minded citizens are choosing to sign contracts for three or six months to take part in the special military operation,” major Sergei Ardashev said, promising training for everyone.

The minimum monthly wage on offer is 160,000 roubles ($2,700), which is almost three times the national average.

One potential recruit was musician Viktor Yakunin, who said he had always been attracted by the idea of military service and was now collecting necessary documents.

“I would love to serve in the airborne troops,” he said. “My parents brought me up since childhood to love my homeland, to protect the Russian world. I believe the power is with us.”

(With inputs from agencies)

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