Chinese drones in Taiwan airspace would be a ‘first strike’: Taiwanese minister


Taiwan’s defence minister Chiu Kuo-cheng warned on Wednesday (October 5) that intrusion of Chinese fighter jets or drones into Taiwan’s territorial airspace would be considered a ‘first strike’ against the self-governing island. Chiy Kuo-Cheng was addressing Taiwanese lawmakers when he made these comments.

China considers Taiwan to be its own territory and has not ruled out use of force to capture the island. Taiwan, which has its own government has US among its major international backers.

Chinese military aircrafts have made frequent forays into Taiwan’s Air Defence Zone (ADZ). Chinese drone activity has also been detected by Taiwan

Declaration from Taiwan’s defence minister amounts to changing of the definition of what Taiwan would consider China’s bellicose behaviour

“In the past, we said we won’t be the first to strike, which meant we will not fire the first shot without (China) firing artillery shells or missiles first,” Chiu Kuo-cheng said as quoted by CNN.

“But now the definition has obviously changed, as China used means such as drones. So we have adjusted, and will view any crossing of aerial entities (into Taiwan’s airspace) as a first strike,” Chiu added.

He did not specify what would Taiwan’s reaction be in case of such a ‘first strike’.

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