China deploys cloud-seeding planes in ten provinces amid escalating heatwave, drought


Amid record heatwave in China, authorities said at least ten provinces in central and southern regions used cloud-seeding planes to combat the heatwave.

China’s state-run Global Times reported after cloud-seeding with artificial rain-enhancing planes, China’s Sichuan province is expected to get heavy rain. 

The Chinese newspaper reported cloud seeding planes were also used in western China including east China’s Anhui and Jiangsu provinces and central China’s Hubei province. In  Chongqing, reports said China launched artificial rain enhancement rockets to induce rain.

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The Chinese newspaper reported the country has deployed 91 cloud-seeding flights and launched thousands of “rain bombs” including “rain enhancement rockets” as China faces its worst heatwave since 1961.

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Reports claim China’s southern region including the Tibetan plateau has experienced severe drought conditions including the Yangtze river basin area stretching from Shanghai to Sichuan province.

Chongqing city and Sichuan provinces have been facing continued heatwave as reports said Chongqing experienced several forest mountain fires this week. The forest fires led several companies to shut down their power supplies. 

Chinese authorities have already announced a $1.45 billion subsidy to support rice farmers experiencing drought conditions as reduced harvest could put further pressure on global food supply chain already strained by the Ukraine war. China produces large amounts of rice, wheat and maize.

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