disability payment

Disability Payments: Who is eligible, and when will it be paid?

Here is some good news for the disabled citizens of the UK. The government has announced a special grant for them. The one-off disability payment of £150 will be made to each and every eligible person. Inflation is at an all-time high, and it has made the cost of living tough for ordinary citizens. And […]

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McDonald’s ransacked by 50 teenagers who jumped over counter to steal burgers

Nottingham Mcdonalds Ransacked: Teenagers were filmed rampaging through a McDonald’s restaurant stealing burgers, fries and drinks. At least 50 youths piled into the Clumber Street branch in Nottingham, shouting as they leapt over the counter and grabbed what they could. Other teens had their phones out recording the frenzy while threatened staff could do nothing […]

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