Hate Crime at California In-N-Out Burger

Hate Crime at California In-N-Out Burger, Man Under Arrest

A man has been arrested in connection with a racist incident that happened at In-N-Out Burger in San Ramon, California. The Hate Crime Incident at In-N-Out Burger: The incident happened on the evening of Christmas when two persons, Arine Kim and her male friend Elliot Ha, were having meals at In-N-Out Burger. Suddenly, a man […]

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Master P and Romeo Miller Dispute: Father Hits Back at Son on Instagram

The dispute between the father, Master P, and his actor son, Romeo Miller, is taking a bad turn. The father has hit back at the son on Instagram. For some time a family dispute was going on between Master P and Romeo Miller. It was purely a family and private matter until it went public […]

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Mastodon’s Official Twitter Account Suspended !!

After suspending the Twitter accounts of journalists, who wrote against Twitter and its owner Elon Musk, now the Twitter account of Mastodon, @joinmastodon, has been suspended on the night of Thursday. This was the official account of Mastodon. What is Mastodon and how it works? Mastodon is a microblogging social networking website, that started in […]

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