Nicki Minaj Father

The driver sentenced to one year in death case of Nicki Minaj’s father

Nicki Minaj’s Father: On Wednesday, the court announced its verdict in the hit-and-run case of Nicki Minaj’s father. The accident happened last year, and the rapper’s father got killed in it. The court has announced a jail term of one year for the culprit driver. The driver involved in the accident was Charles Polevich, and […]

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18-year-old South Korean Pianist Wins Van Cliburn Competition

Piano Competition Van Cliburn: 18-year-old pianist from South Korea has won one of the top showcases organized for the world’s best pianists, the 16th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.  The competition was held in Fort Worth Texas. It ended on Saturday night with Yunchan Lim from South Korea becoming the youngest pianist to win the […]

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Rage Against The Machine Alpine Valley

With Reunion Tour Launch, Rage Against The Machine is Back Again

After a huge break of eleven years, the rock band ‘Rage Against The Machine’ (RATM) is together again. The rock band is back with a bang with the launch of the reunion tour.  The band had been trying to organize a reunion tour since 2019. But due to the pandemic, the tour kept on getting […]

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