Top 10 Self-Made Richest Women In The World

Of the world’s 2,668 billionaires, just 327 are women–and most of them inherited their great wealth. But 101 women, including 11 who share a fortune with their spouse, made it themselves. These self-made women are worth a combined $331 billion, and they got rich in everything from petrochemicals and roofing to casinos and Little Caesar’s pizza. […]

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Layoff by Rivian

Rivian & Arrival to restructure business, Tesla to continue layoffs

Rising inflation and supply chain systems are hitting hard the EV automakers in the U.S. EV giant Tesla started the procedure for restructuring the business last month. In this process, the company laid off hundreds of its employees. Rivian and Arrival companies have also announced to walk on the same path. This has put the […]

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The Kickboxer Andrew Tate claims to be the first Trillionaire!!

Do we have the first Trillionaire on records? Well, the 35-year-old kickboxer Andrew Tate claims to be so. Andrew appeared in an interview on a live broadcast on Twitch TV hosted by Adin Ross. During the interview, he claimed to achieve the feat of being the first Trillionaire. He said that his wealth has been […]

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Macy’s to Bring Toys “R” US to Every Macy’s in America

The popular Toys ‘R’ Us stores went bankrupt in 2018 and had to shut down all of its stores. After that, the company tried several times to make a comeback but could not succeed. The brand was founded in 1948. Last year Toys ‘R’ Us got a new life after coming into partnership with the […]

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Elon Musk buying Manchester United

No, Elon Musk is not buying Manchester United

Is Elon Musk buying Manchester United? :The richest man on earth has once again created chaos and commotion on the internet with his tweets. Tesla’s billionaire CEO Elon Musk tweeted late on Tuesday that he was buying Manchester United soccer club. “Also, I’m buying Manchester United ur welcome,” Musk told his 103 million followers on Twitter, without offering […]

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A Chilean employee Accidentally Got Paid 300 Times His Salary, Now missing

Accidentally Paid 300 Times His Salary: What will you do if you accidentally receive a salary 300 times more than what you normally get? Seems unexpected, right? But this has happened with an employee in Chile. The worker was employed at cold meats manufacturer Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos, located in Santiago. The Chilean employee was […]

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Real Estate Housing Market

Real Estate Housing Market Cooling Down After Record Run

Real Estate Housing Market: Here is some good news for the interested buyers. The real estate housing market is finally showing signs of cooling down after touching sky-high rates during the pandemic era. Home sales are dropping across the U.S. During the pandemic, a huge rise of 42% could be seen in the real estate […]

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Amazon Offers Free Food Delivery Service to Prime Customerswith Grubhub

Amazon Prime food Delivery: Here is some good news for Amazon Prime members in the U.S. The company is going to start free Food delivery service for its Prime customers. For this purpose, Amazon has partnered with Grubhub. The announcement about the deal between the two was made on Wednesday. Amazon Prime members can avail […]

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Top skills in demand

The Top 10 skills that will be mostly in demand for the next 10 years

The existing technologies are upgrading day by day, and new technologies keep on emerging. In the corporate sector, one has to keep himself updated to remain in competition with new trends. Otherwise, you will surely become dispensable, and someone having a better, more and wide variety of knowledge will take your place. The digital world […]

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