California Tornado Reaches Galt, Doing Damages


Tornadoes are very much common in California. On average, the city sees 11 tornadoes every year. One such tornado was seen this week. But it was a short one and of low intensity.

The California Tornado reached Galt on Tuesday. Though it was a weak one, it did a bit of damage. The power supply was hit, the roof of a barn was flown away, and the window panes of a bus were broken. The flown-away roof also knocked down the nearby power lines.

A small tornado with a speed of 70 mph struck Galt around 1:40 p.m. It had a width of around 400 yards. It touched down near Highway 99 and lasted for less than a minute’s time.

The weather department has put the California tornado under the EF-O category as its speed was under 73 mph.

Moreover, California has just come out of stormy days. The people of California suffered through continuous rain, snow, and flood waters. One person died and two are missing.

The travel had remained affected due to the prevailing bad weather conditions. Till now 34.3-inch snow has fallen.

The country is going through drought-like conditions. Even though storms and rain have leashed California, it is quite tough to predict if it will ease the conditions or not.

Last year, California went through powerful storms in the months of October and December but later on did not receive any rain during the months of January through April.

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