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ByteDance intends to use TikTok to monitor Americans location, national security in threat


Social media giant, Tik Tok’s parent company has yet again made the headlines.

As per Forbes’s report, released on Thursday stated that Bytedance, the Chinese firm that owns TikTok intends to utilise the app to track locations, especially of Americans. 

As per Forbes, ByteDance’s International and Risk Control department plans to utilise TikTok to track down at least two Americans who had never worked for the company, Business Insider India reported. 

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Forbes didn’t disclose the reason behind the monitoring. Though, the reports are anticipated to cause controversy as TikTok is generally in talks due to privacy and security reasons.

However, TikTok’s spokesman stated that location data is gathered along with other things to assist show relevant information and adverts to users, complying with applicable changes and detecting any fraud and inauthentic conduct is there. 

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Forbes contradicted this, and said, that the Internal Audit team didn’t want to utilise the data for ad-targeting purposes, but rather to monitor specific Americans in the US. 

The app has been targeted by both Trump’s administration and Biden’s administration. During the Trump era, he vowed to ban the app if it fails to find a US buyer. 

Later, the Biden administration proposed new regulations that would give the US govt control over applications over the potential threats to the national security of the country. 

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