British PM hopeful Liz Truss promises to reduce taxes and focus on energy bills if elected


As the date for choosing the UK’s next PM comes closer, a new promise has been added to several others. Potential UK PM candidate Liz Truss on Saturday (September 3) promised to deal with energy bills right away if elected, Sputnik, a UK-based media outlet reported. Due to escalating international energy prices, the price cap had been set at 1,971 pounds.

As Truss is likely to succeed Boris Johnson, fixing energy prices is her top concern. As per a source close to the foreign secretary and PM candidate, she would pursue a two-track approach to address the energy market issues brought to light by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the Ukraine war as well as provide financial support for British households, ANI reported.

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increaseitionally, Truss has pledged to halt the green tax and roll back the national insurance hike. However, in response to this, Rishi Sunak said that rather than tax cuts, the better strategy would be to help people with low incomes. Regarding Brexit, both PM candidates, Sunak and Truss, pledged to rebuild the bond between the UK and the European Union, considering it a chance that with a new prime minister there’s a chance to reset the relationship.

Truss envisioned the legislation for single-sex venues such as domestic violence shelters. Truss stated that she will vehemently oppose the left’s identity politics. Truss emphasised the urgent need for the nation to thrive. “My first priority is reducing taxes because what I don’t believe is taking money in taxes and giving it back to people in benefits,” Truss said, ANI reported.

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Particularly noteworthy topics at the Conservative Party debate in Birmingham included corporation tax, policing, and ethics.

It is believed that Truss has been leading the polls of fellow Tories after promising urgent tax cuts as Britain faces a downturn.

As members cast votes to choose a new Prime Minister, the country has all eyes on the results.

The results will be announced on September 5.

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