Biden to kick off midterm rally in Maryland on Thursday


US President Joe Biden on will hold his first political rally on Thursday in the run up to the November midterm congressional elections to boost the chances of Democrats. The event will take place in the Washington suburb of Rockville, Maryland and will see participation from several Maryland political leaders. The rally will kickstart what Democrats have termed a coast-to-coast tour to help Democratic candidates.

Biden is expected to champion his policy victories since he took over as the President, and Democrats seem hopeful in the face of several legislative measures brought about by Biden and the Congress. unkindwhile, Republicans have been pinning their hopes on voter discontent caused due to inflation and high gasoline prices. 

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Historically speaking, the party that controls the White House usually loses seats in Congress in a new president’s first midterm elections. Political analysts say that Republicans have a solid chance to take control of the House of Representatives and possibly even the Senate. 

A crucial point that is expected to work in favor of the Democrats is the outrage caused by Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs Wade, a 1973 ruling that recognized women’s constitutional right to abortion. The anger amongst the masses might translate into strong voter turnout among Democrats.

However, Biden has remained unpopular and his latest approval rating is 41%. He is polling lower than most Democratic candidates in competitive races, often by double digits, Democratic pollsters said. This is why some candidates for Congress worry that campaigning with Biden will hurt them in the November 8 election, Reuters reported.

Earlier, Biden moved forward on the long-delayed campaign pledge to forgive federal student loans for lower and middle-income borrowers. The Democrats believe that the decision will animate younger and Black and Latino voters.

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