Ben Stelter

Ben Stelter, the superfan of Edmonton Oilers, Passes Away


A cute little fan of the Edmonton Oilers dies at the age of six. Ben Stelter was not only a fan but a superfan of the Edmonton Oilers. He was suffering from cancer. Ben’s family confirmed his death through a Twitter post.

Ben Stelter’s father wrote a heartfelt emotional note on Twitter in his remembrance.

Doctors diagnosed Ben with glioblastoma, which is a type of brain cancer. He was almost five years when he was diagnosed with this disease.

Doctors performed surgery, thirty rounds of radiation therapy, and four chemotherapy sessions on Ben, but they could not succeed in removing the tumor completely. It kept coming back.

Ben Stelter adored Edmonton Oilers, which is an ice hockey team. Edmonton Oilers came to know about their fan and invited him to watch their match against San Jose Sharks on 24th March.

Before the match began, the Oilers asked Ben to skate on the ice. Ben Stelter’s favorite team, Edmonton Oilers, won that match with a 5-2 difference. After the match ended, Ben waited and gave each player of the team a fist bump to celebrate the victory. He also celebrated the win along with the team players in the dressing room. Edmonton Oilers gifted Ben their game MVP helmet and a jacket. Ben was joyous to receive these tokens of love.

After this, Ben attended several matches of the Edmonton Oilers and continued to inspire team players with his support. For one match, he went to California. He was usually seen with the players during the press conferences.

During Western Conference Final, Edmonton Oilers were defeated by Colorado Avalanche. Still, Ben Stelter sent an inspiring message to Edmonton Oilers through his father’s Twitter account. Ben’s father posted his video along with the message.

When Edmonton Oilers came to know about Ben’s demise, they were almost shattered as Ben had become a part of their journey. The Canadian ice hockey team has posted a tweet along with a photograph of Ben with a team player. Many ice hockey players remembered him in their tweets.

Ben Stelter, the lucky charm of the Edmonton Oilers, will always keep inspiring his favorite team.

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