how to be ‘Happy Alone’

Be YOUR Best Friend, Learn how to be ‘Happy Alone’


How to be Happy Alone:

There are different kinds of people who exist in this world. Some enjoy their own company while others find it difficult to remain alone. Suppose you fall in the second category; no need to worry. There are certain ways with which you can keep yourself happy while being alone.

First of all, you must know that being lonely is not similar to being alone. These completely are two different concepts.

If you enjoy your own company, it doesn’t mean that you are antisocial, friendless, or loveless; it means that you love to spend time with yourself. It means that you like being alone, but you are not lonely.

Whereas if you do not feel connected while being surrounded by family, friends, etc., and have a feeling of sadness, it means that you are lonely and yearns for some good company.

20 Tips to beat your loneliness

These steps will surely help you in being comfortable in your own company. These are not some kind of magic that can happen overnight, but slowly and steadily, you will start enjoying being alone.

Do not compare yourself to others:

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to compare yourself with others. Always remember that no two persons in this world can be the same. Everyone is unique and is perfect in their own sense. So stop comparing yourself and your life to others and try to be your own best version.

Maintain some distance from social media:

Social media has become part and parcel of our daily lives. But it is not good to be active on social media 24 x 7. The news feeds on social media can make you more stressed because you start comparing your life to others and start thinking that others have better lives than you. You must give yourself some break from it and make yourself engaged with other things – some creative and productive things that can enhance your self-confidence.

Have little breaks from your phone:

The phones keep ringing with calls, messages, social media notifications, etc. Sometimes they do become a headache. They keep us busy without any productivity. Just give yourself some break from your phone. Switch it off and keep it in some corner and think about what can make you happy while being alone. Try to find out your best hobby and use that hobby to pass the break time. You will definitely feel some difference in yourself.

Let your mind wander:

Like the body, the mind, too, loves to wander. Just try this small experiment for five minutes. Switch off all the gadgets you have like television, phone, laptop, etc., find a comfortable place to sit, shut the room, sit beside a window or close your eyes and let your mind wander. Let your brain take you to the places where ever it wants; in short, set your mind free.

Take yourself on self-date:

This may sound absurd, but going on self-dates will teach you how to be happy while being alone. Not sure what to do on self-date? Stop thinking. Just go out and have new experiences of life. This will boost your confidence too.

Start Exercising:

Keeping your body well maintained must be one of the highest priorities. With a weak body, you can never be happy. Just start doing some exercises like stretching, aerobics, cycling, jogging, etc. You surely will notice The glow of happiness on your face.

Have some time with nature:

Nature has gifted us so many beauties. Have some time to enjoy them. It can bring so many positive changes to you. Sit in a park, walk along the water, listen to the chirping of birds, feel the beauty of flowers, do anything but definitely spend some time with nature. Being connected with nature will definitely make you feel happy and joyful.

Enjoy the benefits of being alone:

Even though you might have never noticed, but there are still so many benefits of being alone. 

You can sit or lie wherever you wish to; you can do anything without any permission, you can do all the madness, you can dance like crazy, anything. Most importantly, you can be yourself, which you can’t be in the presence of others.

Be a Volunteer:

You can be a volunteer and give your time to others. Making others feel good will make you feel good. Either you can go out and help the needy, or you can sit at home and find out various services that need volunteers to help.

Be grateful for the things God has given to you:

We have the tendency of not noticing the things that God has given to us. We just keep running after the things and people that we don’t have. So while being alone, just close your eyes and think about what God has given to you. The friends, the family, and all the things you have to be grateful for. Just make a list, and next time whenever you will feel alone, have a look at the list. You will definitely appreciate your life.

Don’t be self-judgemental:

Everyone in this world tends to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. But judging yourself harshly will lower your confidence and will snatch your happiness. 

Whenever negative thoughts start appearing, divert your mind and start thinking about the good things and good qualities you possess.

Make a pretty meal for yourself:

Having no companion for lunch or dinner doesn’t mean that you will have to buy pre-packaged food, sit in front of the TV, and eat it all alone. Just go to the market, buy the vegetables and prepare some good food for you. Set up the dressing table and eat it while listening to music or watching TV. Feed yourself with good food and happiness.

Step outside your comfort zone and do something creative:

It is always difficult to go out of your comfort zone and try something new. But by doing this, you will have new experiences, and you will learn new and new things.

Solo Outings:

Make a list of places you ever wish to visit. Select one of them and prepare a detailed plan. Visit the place and enjoy the things over there. Learn to be a solo traveler. 

Keep your routine changing:

Having the same routine daily can make you a boring person. It will make your life dull and without enthusiasm. So keep changing your routine by adding or deleting some things to and from it. You will definitely have an exciting life.

Learn to deal with sadness:

Bad things keep happening in everyone’s life. One must learn how to deal with them. You must find out ways to cope up with the sadness and learn how to handle such situations and keep yourself stress-free.


Man is a social animal. Socialising doesn’t only mean being active on social media. It means to go out and be friends with the people who live around you. Making new friends, having healthy conversations with them, and spending some time with them will bring out the new you.

Learn to forgive:

One of the most important things is to learn how to forgive. People do hurt us, and we always keep ourselves stressed by thinking again and again about the bad things that happened. Just learn to forgive and forget and move on.

Take care of your mental health:

We often ignore our mental health, but it is extremely important. Without being healthy mentally, one cannot remain happy. The mind will keep pondering over useless and unhappy things. One must know how to control it and keep it in good shape. Learn to meditate and think about the good things.

Planning for the future:

Even though the future is uncertain but still making plans for it will do nothing wrong. Make a list of things you want to achieve in life. Take out the list every then and now and see what you have achieved and what is left. 

Make a bucket list of your wishes.

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