Banksy unveils latest artwork in war-torn Ukrainian town of Borodianka


Famous street artist Banksy is back in action and his latest artwork appeared in the Ukrainian town of Borodianka. In his new post on Instagram, he shared the picture of the mural which was made on the walls of a building which was somewhat damaged due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

As per the Instagram post, the new mural showed a female gymnast which seemed to be balancing on the broken parts of the building. The pictures of the mural were accompanied by the caption – “Borodyanka, Ukraine” referring to the venue which is around 35 km for capital Kyiv. 

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This was the first piece of art which was officially claimed by Banksy as the social media has been buzzing about his possible presence in Ukraine. With the Russian invasion not showing signs of slowing down, various artworks across the country were attributed to him but he never claimed responsibility. 

Borodianka was one of the first towns which came under heavy attack from the Russian forces as the missile strikes caused massive damage to infrastructure. However, the resistance forces were able to fight back and wrestle control out of the Russian handles during the start of April this year. 

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Due to Ukraine’s early recovery in the region, the rebuilding has been going out in full swing and the mural has added to the decorations. This was Banksy’s first official work since the artist shared the picture of a mural featuring rats in his bathroom during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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