Augmented reality contact lenses could soon replace our phone screen

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Contact lenses may soon take the place of our phone screens. However, augmented reality—where glasses or contact lenses display information on the environment around us so that we may concurrently view the real and virtual worlds—will be the more significant development.

Multitasking is one activity that individuals love doing (but ineffectively in many contexts.) Phones will resemble tiny servers that manage all of these devices as we wear more electronics on our bodies, including earbuds, watches, and soon eyeglasses, the newest advancement in invisible computing.

At an ordinary office building in Saratoga, California, several engineers are working to make that idea a reality, as reported by the Bloomberg. Each week, they create prototypes of a smart contact lens that contains one of the smallest displays, tiny circuitry, and batteries.

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The lenses developed by Mojo Vision are an engineering achievement and one of Silicon Valley’s most ambitious hardware projects at the moment. The company had to develop its own chemical and plastic components in order to allow an eyeball to breathe through an electronic lens.

The lenses are unmistakably thick and large enough to partially obscure the eye’s outer whites. It’s not uncomfortable, according to the startup’s senior director of product management David Hobbs, who has worn multiple prototypes.

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A flexible circuit that is no wider than a strand of human hair and nine pacemaker-style titanium batteries are used in the lens to supply all the power and data. The pixels, which are squeezed into a space of only two microns, or 0.002 millimetres, are amplified using a mirror with a slight convexity that works similarly to a telescope by reflecting light off a tiny reflector. From a distance of a few feet, that little show looks like a pinprick of light.

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