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Archie Battersbee’s Hospice case, ruling expected on Friday

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Ruling in Archie Battersbee’s Hospice case is expected on Friday morning. The 12-year-old boy’s parents are looking for his transfer from the hospital to a hospice. The hearing on Thursday went on till late hours in the evening.

The boy has been lying in a hospital on a life support system for the last four months. The doctors had already declared him “brain-stem dead.” But his parents kept on insisting on keeping him on life support in the hope of seeing him recover fully.

Unfortunately, their hopes have been dashed to the ground now. They just want to give their son a death of dignity. So parents of Archie Battersbee want to bring him to the hospice where he can spend his last time peacefully.

It was the unfortunate day of 7th April 2022 when parents found Archie Battersbee lying in an unconscious condition at home in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. Since then, the boy has been in a coma. He was admitted to Royal London hospital, Whitechapel.

The doctors were trying their best to keep him alive by giving ventilator support and medications. But they could not detect any signs of recovery. It was not possible to keep him like this forever, but Archie’s parents insisted continue his life support in the hope of recovery.

Archie Battersbee’s 46-year-old mother, Hollie Dance, was asked about the reasons for her son’s condition. She feels that he was participating in some online challenge and did something that sent him into this condition.

Parents want to spend some moments with their son in private, which is not possible at the hospital. That is why they want to bring Archie Battersbee Hospice.

On the other hand, the hospital authorities are adamant about not transferring Archie Battersbee to a hospice. They are saying that the boy’s condition is extremely fragile. He can die on the way from the hospital to hospice.

Earlier in July, the high court passed an order to keep Archie in Royal London hospital and slow withdrawal of his treatment. The family sent an application to the United Nations, and the UK government asked the court to reconsider its decision.

It is a highly sensitive case. Parents’ emotions and doctors’ logical reasons are involved. Let us see if the high court decides in the parents’ favor or not.

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