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Arcade Fire’s Win Butler accused of sexual harassment


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The popular singer Arcade Fire’s Win Butler is facing the accusation of sexual harassment charges. Four persons have accused Butler of sexual misconduct.

Win Butler’s real name is Edwin Farnham Butler III, and he is married to Régine Chassagne. He is a singer and a musician and can play multiple instruments. He is associated with the rock band Arcade Fire, founded by him and his wife.

The alleged sexual misconduct incidents happened between 2015 and 2020. And at that time, the age of Arcade Fire’s Win Butler was between 34 and 39. Out of the four accusers, three are women, and one person is gender-fluid. They were between the age of 18 and 23 at the time when the incidents happened.

However, 42-year-old Butler has denied all these allegations and said that whatever happened was total with their consent.

The accusers are saying that Arcade Fire’s Win Butler is making the most of his popularity. The gender-fluid accuser has said that Butler sexually assaulted them (they/them is used in the singular sense to refer to the gender-fluid person) forcefully, while the three women accusers called their relationship with the Grammy-winner not appropriate.

The four incidents of alleged sexual misconduct and Butler’s response:

The gender-fluid accuser said that they met at a concert in Montreal, and Butler forced them to have sex. But Butler said that mutual consent of both sides was involved.

The first woman accuser said that she and Butler started sending texts to each other in 2016 when she was 18 years old. She also met him in person. But later on, she started feeling uncomfortable when Butler began sexting her without taking her consent. In this incident, Butler admitted to sexting her but said that he never got any indication from her side that she did not want all this.

The second woman accuser alleged that she and Butler came in touch through Instagram in 2017 when she was 20 years old. They exchanged sex texts and did video calls. They also remain involved in physical sex. But then she started feeling that their relationship was destroying her mental health, and she also tried to commit suicide. To this, Butler said that the woman told her that she was depressed but not because of him.

The third woman accuser had a relationship with Butler in 2018 when she was 23-year-old. The things started after she sent him a message on Instagram about her fondness for music. Later on, the conversation started being an ugly one as he began to send sexual videos. When asked about this incident, Butler said that the woman turned out to be a clingy one, and she started following him everywhere. This made him feel uncomfortable.

A spokesman, on behalf of the singer, said that none of these relationships were started by Arcade Fire’s Win Butler, and all of them were based on consensus.

However, Butler has apologized for his misdeeds and has said that he was not in the right mental condition and was going through a phase of depression.

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