Apple iPhone switching from Lightning Port to USB-C to comply with EU Law


Although Apple has decided to go for USB-C charging ports in iPhones in order to follow the EU law, it is quite unhappy to move away from its standard Lightning Port.

According to Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing Greg Joswiak, the company is being forced to do so and is not willing at all. The compliance with EU law has not left any choice for the company but to go for a USB-C port.

However, Apple has not made any announcement of the launch of a USB-C port for iPhones that will be put in markets other than that of the EU.

According to the new EU law, it is mandatory for all the gadgets like cell phones, tablets, Digi-cams, etc., that are sold in the territory of the EU, to have a USB-C charging port. And this has to be implemented by the autumn of 2024.

EU has taken this decision because the USB-C charger is the universal one and can be used for any gadget of any company. This would reduce the burden on the users of buying different chargers for different products.

Greg Joswiak has also raised his concern about the e-waste that will be generated due to the introduction of USB-C ports in place of the Lightning Ports in Apple iPhones. Billions of people use Apple’s chargers and after compliance with the EU law, the Lightning cables will go waste and this will result in more e-waste.

The mediator adaptors that can be used for any kind of charging port already exist in the market but still EU has come up with the law.

Apple holds 23% of the smartphone market in the EU. It is expected that either the iPhone 15, expected in September 2023, or its follow-up, expected in September 2024, will be the first iPhone to have the USB-C connector.

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