Anna May Wong: First Asian American going to be featured on US currency


In its first, the famous movie star Anna May Wong is going to be the first Asian American who will be featured on the currency of the US.

The Currency Featuring Anna May Wong:

The tail side of the new coin will have Wong’s close-up image of her face. The image shows her blunt bangs and pencil-thin eyebrows and her head is resting on her hand.

Whereas, the head side of the coin will feature the portrait of George Washington. The portrait was made by a woman sculptor Laura Gardin Fraser in 1921.

Anna May Wong will be the fifth woman to be featured on the coins under the American Women Quarters Program. This program is dedicated to women who achieved the best in various fields. The other four women, who have featured on quarters till now, are:

  • Maya Angelou – Poetess and Social Activist
  • Sally Ride – First American Woman in Space
  • Wilma Mankiller – Cherokee Nation Leader
  • Nina Otero-Warren – Suffragist

Wilma, Nina, and Wong were selected with the help of public opinion.

Who was Anna May Wong?

Anna May Wong belongs to the century-old silent movie era and gained fame with her acting skills.

She was born in Los Angeles and started working in movies at a young age of fourteen in 1919. With this launch, she became the first Chinese American actor to be a part of the Hollywood movie industry.

She got her first role as a lead actress in 1922 when she was cast in the movie “The Toll of the Sea”.

During her career spanning four decades, she worked in 60 movies and most of her movies were silent ones. She received the esteemed Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960.

The star died in 1961 at the age of 56. And now she has become the first Asian American to be featured on the US currency.

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