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What is Angel Cut With Layers TikTok Meaning?

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A new trend, “Angel Cut With Layers,” has gone viral on TikTok. But what is its meaning? It seems something normal, but what has made it go viral? Let us check out.

What is the “Angel Cut With Layers” trend on TikTok?

Most people share things on TikTok, which are for fun purposes. But this time, the case is not so.

The “Angel Cut With Layers” trend on TikTok has some meaning. The meaning has been explained by hair stylist Leda Fazal. She said that a client visited her and wanted to have “Angel Cut With Layers.” This means that the person is facing domestic violence and abuse. The person is a victim and is looking for help.

“Angel Cut With Layers” is basically a phrase that is used as a secret code by domestic violence victims to indirectly tell others that they need help. This is used when they are not able to voice their pain directly.

Who started the trend “Angel Cut With Layers” on TikTok?

The trend was started by 21-year-old hair stylist Leda Fazal through her TikTok handle @ledafazal. She has shared many videos related to the “Angel Cut With Layers” and explains its meaning.

One of her videos has gathered more than 1.5 million views. Her videos have made domestic violence a topic of discussion. Many people are thanking her for that.

She has also shared a video on her Twitter account.

How domestic violence victims can ask for help apart from “Angel Cut With Layers”?

Asking your hairdresser for “Angel Cut With Layers” is one of the ways to ask for help. But there are other ways also to give out a signal.

One such method is the “hand signal.” The victim has to make a special signal using her/his one hand. Hold out your hand, and your palm should be facing away from you. And then, close all the fingers with the thumb tucked inside to make a form of a fist.

This gesture was used by a 16-year-old girl to inform the police. She was facing domestic abuse. Since then, the gesture has gone viral and has been used widely.

Hotline Number for Domestic Violence Victims:

If you are a domestic violence victim or if you know such a person, then you can ask for help from the National Domestic Violence Hotline and call 18007997233. More information related to domestic abuse is available on their website.

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