Amid heatwave, zoo keepers use ice cubes and cold showers to keep animals cool


As California deals with a dangerous heatwave, Santa Barbara’s zoo keepers are going beyond to keep their animals cool. From lions to kangaroos, all are given homemade ice treats, and some even receive additional showers to help them remain cool while they sit in the heat all day.  

For lions, handlers are setting out pieces of meat encased in an effort to keep them cool, they are also being fed meat-flavoured ice blocks. However, they might last a long time due to the high temperatures.

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In conversation with Reuters, the zoo’s nutritionist said, “They got some ice blocks which are made out of beef bone broth, as well as some diluted goat’s milk on it. And by providing that little bit of extra flavor to it, the animals, they might lick it, get a little bit of that extra hydration and cooling that they might not even realize. So we’re kind of tricking them into helping them stay cool.”

The nutritionist further gave an instance about Banjo, the emu, who was taking an advantage of the shower from the handler. She said, Banjo enjoys every last drop of water as he likes the pouring motion his body produces.

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Most people agree on taking extreme care of the animals during this crucial time by keeping them hydrated. The animal kitchen, due to this instance, has swapped the plates for huge meat bowls, and sacks of seeds.

In a state that has been devastated by extremely harsh weather and an ongoing drought, the heat wave continues to follow a period of extended high temperatures.

As per the National Weather Service, the heat in California will gradually increase over the week, initially searing the southern portions.

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