American Airlines flight operated by all-Black women crew to honour Bessie Coleman


An American Airlines flight from Dallas to Phoenix was operated by an all-Black female crew to honour Bessie Coleman, who was the first Black woman to earn a pilot’s license in 1921. 

The ‘Bessie Coleman Aviation All-Stars tour’ was hosted by the airline to mark the 100th anniversary of her earning the pilot’s license. 

In a statement, American Airlines said it hosted Gigi Coleman, who is Bessie’s great-niece, on a flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Phoenix. 

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The airline mentioned that from the pilots and flight attendants to the cargo team members to even all the aviation maintenance technicians, the entire flight was operated by an all-Black female crew. 

The airline also noted that they are intending to ramp up its efforts to diversify the flight deck. 

Watch the video: 

Providing data, the statement mentioned that Black women have been “notably underrepresented in the aviation industry”. Especially when it comes to pilots, the representation is less than 1 per cent in the commercial airline industry. 

“Through the American Airlines Cadet Academy, the airline is committed to expanding awareness of and increasing accessibility to the pilot career within diverse communities,” the statement added. 


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