Amazon Warehouse Employee's Death

Amazon Warehouse Employee’s Death: Workers demanding more details

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Amazon Warehouse Death: In the Amazon warehouse employee’s death case, the co-workers are demanding more details. The tragedy happened last week at Carteret, New Jersey center of the e-commerce giant. They are frustrated over the company’s response to the death of the worker.

Even though Amazon caters to its customers best, it has a bad reputation for providing good working conditions to its workers and taking care of their safety. Many employees have complained about the bad working conditions they had to face.

On 13th July, Amazon Prime Day, a worker suffered from a heart attack in the Amazon warehouse and eventually died. He has been identified as Reynaldo Mota Frias. He was working at the EWR9 facility as a ‘waterspider,’ and his job was to take goods from one place to another inside the warehouse.

The rumors are going on that the cause of the Amazon warehouse employee’s death was related to his job. And due to these rumors, Amazon has to face the brunt of its employees. Anyhow, the company has rejected these rumors completely.

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From the company’s side, Sam Stephenson has spoken that the cause of the death was related to the medical health of the worker and not to work.

He also mentioned that an internal investigation was done, and according to a co-worker, the worker was not feeling well and was suffering from chest pains even before the shift started. But he did not inform anyone at the warehouse about his condition.

No further details on the internal investigation have been shared by Amazon company. But the employees are looking for the entire details related to the investigation done, like what were the working conditions inside the warehouse at the time of his death.

One week after the worker’s death, Amazon posted about it on its bulletin board and sent an internal note to the workers.

As per the reports, Reynaldo normally worked on the upper floor of the facility. There used to be higher temperatures on that floor, and it was very much difficult to work over there. And on the 13th of July, the outer temperature was 92 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chris Smalls posted on his Twitter account about this death and mentioned that the deceased worker kept lying in an unconscious state on the floor after suffering from a heart attack, and no action was taken by company representatives for twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, the company called 911 for help.

He also wrote that the deceased Amazon warehouse worker informed him about his chest pains to his manager, but the manager asked him to continue his work.

On this, Stephenson said that immediately after the worker collapsed, and emergency medical treatment was given to him by the company’s medical representatives. 911 was called and reached the location within 16 minutes. After this statement, Smalls did not respond.

According to reports, the company is now installing an AC and more fans at the warehouse to keep the temperatures low.

On Monday, OSHA representatives inspected the workplace. Moreover, an investigation has been started by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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