Alex Male, UK’s most wanted criminal, walks free from Portugal after expiry of time limit


Alex Male, one of the UK’s most wanted criminals, has recently been released from police custody by the Supreme Court in Portugal. Alex was known for illegally selling and buying class A drugs in the south West of the UK, using a high network.

The 30-year-old was arrested at the Portugal airport in May 2022, after arriving from a flight from Turkey.  

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Alex is facing charges of supplying cocaine, and ketamine, and was even involved in money laundering. 

He was listed as the ‘Most Wanted’ criminal by the UK’s National Criminal Agency (NCA) three months ago. After being wanted by the UK police since 2020, he was recently released by the Portuguese police as the time limit for his custody expired. 

As per media reports, it was believed that Alex was in Spain’s Marbella since 2020. Several reports also suggest that he has escaped Spain as well. 

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In conversation with LAD Bible, a spokesperson for the criminal agency said that they were made aware of this following a habeas corpus application in Portugal’s Supreme Court regarding the expiring date for his custody.  The representative also added that they are further coordinating with its partners in the UK and Portugal in the case.

The NCA is currently in search of fugitives and returning them to face justice. The representative in the conversation also stated that the criminal agency maintains a strong relationship with law partners in Portugal. 

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