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AirtelTez Login Portal 2022:

AirtelTez login portal is launched by Indian top network Airtel to offer its services online. Airtel is one of the second largest mobile operator in India. More than 348.3 million customers are using the Airtel network as of May 2021.

How to Signup on AirtelTez Portal?

A user can exchange money without a bank account. A user can use the mobile number to access Airtel Payments Bank facilities. The former app (Mitra app) served the purpose, but the performance was rated slow, but with the inclusion of the AirtelTez app, the performance has started to be faster than before. The enrollment process for Airtel Payment Bank services is simple and easy. For this the user should have LAPU number.

Step to Signup AirtelTez Portal

  1. Step 1:. Customer should open google search bar and type in airtel portal. A search will bring back a new webpage with the Airtel Tez login link

  2. Step 2: Customer has to click on Sign-up for not registering and it will take to a new page.

  3. Step 3: The mobile number of the retailer has to be entered and then click on ‘Get OTP’ option.

  4. Step 4. Airtel portal will send one time password to the registered number of the user. The user has to enter the OTP number received and verify the OTP. After confirmation of OTP, users should create password and complete the signup process.

  5. Step 5. Once you complete the signup process, customers should come back to the new portal login page of Airtel Tez and log in using mobile number and password.

  6. Step 6. Once you log in to the Airtel Tex New Portal Dashboard, the portal will give way to the user’s executable pages. With the new page open, the user is asked to update the information regarding the balance, and to check the Option Distributor, or UPI.

  7. Step 7. In processing the money transfer, the user will have to click the money transfer option and enter the LAPU number.

  8. The user is provided with a cash withdrawal option from any bank. With the application of biometric devices, and keeping the cash withdrawal option active, one can perform the ‘cash withdrawal.’

  9. In a similar manner, the user can deposit cash, or drop cash by clicking the option: cash drop or cash deposit.

  10. An user can make cash withdrawal or cash deposit through Aadhaar as well.

Benefits of the AirtelTez Portal:

  • A user can make use of the Airteltez portal and conduct the operations to fulfill the following needs.
  • A user can make money transfer, recharge, bill payment, deposit money, withdraw money, and AePS.

Airteltez App:

  1. A User must reach out to the airtel tez portal and on the extreme right side of the portal one can find an app panel.
  2. The user will have to enter the login credentials and follow the instructions as mentioned in the form.
  3. And, after that the web portal shall lead to the next page for accessing Airteltez features.

Benefits of the Airtel Payment app:

  1. The app encourages users to make payments for mobile recharge, electricity bills, TV recharge, Gas bill, Water bill deposit work.
  2. An user can open a bank account through this app. Further, the app provides VBD support and it gives different types of policies.
  3. An user need not have a bank account but can make payment transactions.

Airtel Retailer: A retailer will be assigned with working activities that include recharging, selling/ activating/ swapping SIM cards.

Requirements to become an Airtel Retailer:

  1. An applicant must have attained the age of 18 years. And, the basic qualification of the applicant must be at least 10th class.
  2. The applicant should have a bank account, and own a shop.
  3. The documents such as Aadhaar card, and Pan card are essential for submission.
  4. The applicant must have a mobile number, and email ID.

Retailer Roadmap to Airtel Services:

  1. The applicant must seek the support of an Airtel’s distributor.
  2. The applicant must contact the field sales executive officer of the applicant’s chosen area.
  3. Each area is filled up with an area distributor and they do differ.
  4. The applicant should submit a copy of the Aadhar card and other relevant documents.
  5. After complete verification of documents and an applicant is found eligible for the job, the Airtel distributor shall issue LAPU SIM.
  6. The applicant must inform the location of the shop and provide the needful details @distributor.

Work Procedure for Airtel Retailer:

  1. After seeking approval to begin the retailership, the distributor shall allot with a LAPU SIM.
  2. The approved applicant will have to insert LAPU SIM on the mobile phone and restart the mobile phone to begin its operation.
  3. Over a stipulated time, the distributor shall activate the LAPU SIM number and after that a call from the Airtel Company shall be initiated.
  4. The company shall brief up the work culture and allow the retailer to start the business as per the illustrated norms of the Airtel Company.

Eligibility for Airteltez Distributorship:

  1. The applicant who intends to work for Airteltez distributorship must have attained a tenth class certificate.
  2. An applicant must have an Aadhaar Card and any other identity equivalent to it.
  3. The applicant must make a security deposit of INR 50,000.00.
  4. The applicant must have the skills to operate retailers under oneself.

Functions of Airtel Distributor:

  1. Distributors function independently well within the framework of the Airtel policies. The distributor shall be allowed to cover an area under jurisdiction and usually around the Airtel’s tower range.
  2. All the retailers who set up their service centers in those tower ranges shall seek products like SIM cards, e-recharge, vouchers from distributors.
  3. Therefore, the distributor shall earn a commission on the Airtel recharges conducted under the tower range.

Contact communication to seek Airtel Distributorship:

  1. Contact a retailer in the known area, and seek the number of the TradeMark and submit the details to the TradeMark office.
  2. At the entry point, the User must deposit money and shall be refunded once the distributorship tenure is terminated.
  3. The User must have a GST number and a bank account.
  4. The investment of a distributor shall depend upon the area selected in reference to population.

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