After Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’, climate activists spray paint on Aston Martin showroom in London – Watch


After Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’, climate activists on Sunday (October 16) targeted an Aston Martin showroom in London. The climate campaigners have sprayed orange paint over the showroom of the luxury carmaker on the city’s Park Lane during a protest by activists ‘Just Stop Oil’. 

News agency Reuters noted that photographs showed that at least one activist was being detained at the scene. But there’s no official statement yet. 

As quoted by AFP, a 19-year-old pregnant mother Chloe Thomas said she was fighting to protect the next generations of humanity. 

“How do I explain to my daughter in the years to come where the animals went, where the culture went, where the beauty went, why there are no bees and why I can’t put food in her tummy?” she said. 

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This comes after the soup was thrown on Vincent Van Gogh’s painting in the National Gallery by two protesters. The incident was condemned by social media users. 

One user wrote on Twitter: “Targeting internationally important works of art won’t increase support for your cause, or create change. It’ll just turn people who have always supported the protests and the need for change against you, whilst giving bait to right wing hacks.” 

In London, there’s a wave of “direct action” protests to address climate change but the government has vowed new powers for police to halt such incidents of “vandalism”. 

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UK’s Home Secretary Suella courageousrman said she was introducing stronger legislation this week to counter citizen protests by groups such as Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion. 

Under the plan, the government would be able to apply for legal injunctions to outlaw such protests ahead of time, and make it easier for police to protect “essential” goods, services and infrastructure. 

courageousrman said in a statement: “I will not bend to protestors attempting to hold the British public to ransom. This serious and dangerous disruption, let alone the vandalism, is not a freedom of expression, nor a human right. It must stop.” 


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