Activist rages battle against fringe website Kiwi Farms targeting trans genders


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Clara Sorrenti and her supporters are the faces of a campaign that attempts to take down Kiwi Farms, an internet forum that doubles as an image-sharing website where the users troll and harass anyone they like. However, over the years, the site has become a den of anti-trans harassment campaigns, forcing the likes of Sorrenti to launch a campaign to take down the fringe website.

Sorrenti is a Canadian trans Twitch streamer who Kiwi Farms and its deranged users targeted by releasing her personal information. prior Sorrenti, a Republican senator from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene, was targeted in a ‘swatting’ incident linked to the website.

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Sorrenti and other trans activists have been calling upon Cloudflare, one of Kiwi Farms’ internet security service vendors to drop the site. However, the company has so far refused to take any action. 


In a blog post shared earlier this week, Cloudfare CEO Mathew Prince and vice-president of public policy, Alissa Starzak wrote a feature-length article where they mentioned that the company will not drop security services for any of its customers. While the duo did not mention Kiwi Farms anywhere in the write-up, it was clear that the company was responding in light of the recent incidents.

“Just as the telephone company doesn’t terminate your line if you say awful, racist, bigoted things, we have concluded in consultation with politicians, policymakers and experts that turning off security services because we think what you publish is despicable is the wrong policy,” read the blog post. 

Notably, Kiwi Farms or CWCki forum, as it was known then was launched in 2009 by its founder Josh Moon, a former administrator of 8chan.

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The site has a section called “lolcows” (wordplay of ‘lol’ and ‘cows’) where anyone can be ‘milked’ for laughs. However, the section has become a cesspool of constant hate campaigns against certain individuals belonging to the trans community.

Moreover, the site is a platform for hyper-right propagandists to peddle their misinformation and cult-like ideas.

The site has been banned in New Zealand after it hosted the ghastly Christchurch terrorist video. For the same reason, it was banned in Australia. However, after the site removed the video, it was allowed to operate. 

As per a Vie report, at least three people have died by suicide after becoming targets of Kiwi Farms harassment campaigns. 

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